It is important that when you have a new air conditioner installed, it is done correctly. You want to know that your new system will work as intended for years to come and that it will cost you as little as possible to operate. It should be properly sized and offer the best possible efficiency rating based on your budget for a new air conditioner. And of course, it must be properly installed.

To ensure your new air conditioner is not only the right size and efficiency level, but is also properly installed to work perfectly for years to come, call Ideal Temp Heating & Cooling today. We offer comprehensive air conditioning installation and replacement and can do the same for you. With free estimates and free second opinions on all system replacements in the Kansas City and nearby area, we can ensure you have the exact system you need.


The first step is to ensure you select the right system for your home. It must be properly sized for the specific needs of your home on day one and then installed in such a way that it will run without interruption all summer. The first step in doing this is to ensure your new system is the right size. We perform a complete load calculation on your home to ensure this is the case by testing your home’s ventilation system, by measuring the total square footage that will be cooled and by checking things like insulation and existing air flow systems.

Once we know exactly how much space needs to be cooled, we will recommend a system to fit that space with no pressure on you to select anything but what works best for your budget. We carry a full line of air conditioners from top brands like Bryant and can help you select one that is affordable both before installation and in the long run in operational costs. Keep in mind that for things like efficiency ratings, the better rated machines tend to cost more up front but will always pay their way by costing much less to operate in the future. We offer financing with approved credit and can help you get the air conditioner that is perfect for your home.

Ideal Temp services all types of furnaces and heat pumps


For homes in Kansas City and the surrounding areas, we want to ensure you have a new air conditioner in place as quickly as possible. So, as soon as you are ready, we will visit your home and prepare it for installation by removing any existing components, by upgrading any ventilation systems that need to be upgraded and by checking your system for any possible issues that might need to be repaired. Once this is done, we can install your new air conditioner, usually in a single day and test it to ensure it works properly.

Whatever your air conditioning installation and replacement needs are, call the experts of Ideal Temp Heating & Cooling today and learn more about what we can do for you.