If you live in Missouri or Kansas, it is important to have your central air conditioning system cleaned and checked for optimal performance, efficiency, and safety. At Ideal Temp, we offer premium heating and air conditioning service. We check all components of your system, including the compressor, cooling coils, refrigerant, controls, safety controls, blower, ductwork, piping, and overall system operation. We will also give you a detailed explanation of your heating and cooling system’s condition and efficiency.

Our highly skilled Ideal Temp air conditioning service technicians have the ability to adapt to the challenges presented by your unique central air project at any stage of its development. They are committed to its successful completion and will stay on time and within the budget. We’ll work with you to design a system that will offer the most cost-effective solutions for improving the comfort of your home or business while saving you time, energy, and money.

Air Conditioning Repair Tips

Here are a few air conditioning repair tips homeowners can use to help their heating and cooling systems operate properly:

Check or change your filter monthly. Dirty filters restrict airflow to your evaporator coil, causing your AC system to break down.
Use your garden hose to clean your outdoor condensing unit to ensure proper airflow. Make sure your thermostat is off while performing this cleaning.
Make sure your thermostat is mounted level, and if it’s a digital thermostat, make sure the batteries are good.
Add vinegar to the air handler’s drain line every six months to avoid moldy or clogged lines.

Ideal Temp services all types of furnaces and heat pumps