Ideal Temp Furnace Services

Our customers in Kansas City, MO, and surrounding areas depend on Ideal Temp for professional furnace service. As with any HVAC component, a furnace requires regular service throughout its operating life. Without it, wear and tear, debris buildup, or the smallest mechanical problem can turn into expensive repairs and shorten the lift of the unit. Furnaces work hard, but our licensed technicians ensure your heating system is in working order to ensure efficiency, comfort, and safety.

No matter what kind of furnace problem you may have, our team is trained to deal with it. Whether you’re not getting enough heat, the furnace doesn’t turn on, it’s leaking, or noisy, Ideal Temp can quickly diagnose your issue. We’re always equipped with the parts and tools needed to get your furnace working again and make any adjustments necessary.

Don’t wait to schedule furnace service; it can save you a great deal in the long run.

Ideal Temp Furnace Services
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Should You Service Your Furnace?

Furnace maintenance has a wide range of benefits. A single furnace issue can have a detrimental impact on indoor air quality and how you feel. With the multitude of routine services that we can provide at an affordable cost, you can reduce:

  • Air Pollution: A malfunctioning furnace can introduce dust and particulates into your home, not to mention produce life-threatening hazards such as fire and carbon monoxide. Servicing your furnace can improve quality of life and how you feel.
  • Expenses: A well-maintained furnace doesn’t have to work as hard (our team can clean out dust and debris that has built up). Thus, it uses less energy to get the job done. Maintaining your furnace improves energy efficiency, lowering your monthly utility bill.
  • Repairs: HVAC appliance repair can be expensive, but a furnace tune up can avoid a catastrophic breakdown, which would almost certainly come at the most inconvenient time. Rather than stress through a cold spell trying to get your furnace working again, you can sleep through it and enjoy the comfort with your family.

A Maintenance Plan for Everyone

Ideal Temp offers a comprehensive maintenance plan that includes an annual heating system tune-up, filter change, and a detailed report on our findings. Members receive priority scheduling as well. We offer three tiers of service, starting with our Silver plan. With our Gold plan, you won’t be charged service call or overtime fees and will receive a full 20% discount on repairs. A gold plan is also available, it adds equipment replacement credit, free filters, a lifetime parts and service warranty, accessory cleaning, and 10% off on accessories.

Financing plans available too. Our goal is to make furnace service, including installation, repairs, and maintenance, as affordable as possible. Your safety and comfort are our top priority.

Schedule Electric or Gas Furnace Maintenance Today

At Ideal Temp, we take pride in providing high quality service and increasing the efficiency and life of your HVAC equipment. We can take care of all your furnace maintenance and repair needs. All our technicians are field-trained and only the highest quality equipment and materials are used. Also, we offer honest pricing, financing, and unbeatable maintenance plans. Call 816-720-7803 today to learn more or schedule furnace service.

Ideal Temp services all types of furnaces and heat pumps