When having a new heating system installed in your home, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. You must select a system that matches the exact size of your home while taking into account the factors that affect air flow and insulation in your home. You also must choose a system that matches your specific needs in terms of operational cost. For this reason, Ideal Temp Heating & Cooling offers comprehensive heating installation and replacement for anyone interested in upgrading or adding a new heating system to their home.

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The most important factor when selecting a new heating system for your home is that it fits. The right size heating system is vital as it will determine immediately exactly how much operational costs will be. If the system is too small, you will never quite have enough heat when it gets cold outside. Too large though and it will cycle on and off frequently and cost more to operate and wearing down faster, despite not providing ample heating.

To ensure we get you the right system, we will perform a full heat load calculation on your home, measuring the system to match the specific needs of your family. After this step is completed, we will help you choose a system that matches your budget. Higher efficiency models cost more up front, but are often well worth it over time as they cost less to operate. Our technicians excel at providing all of the information you need to make an informed decision without feeling pressured. We also offer financing to help cover the cost of installation if you would like a higher quality system that will cost less to operate.

Ideal Temp Furnace

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Once you select a system for your home, we will remove your existing system and inspect your heating system’s various components to ensure there are no other necessary upgrades. If you are upgrading an air handler or adding more heating capacity to your home, you may find it necessary to install new additions to your ventilation system to support these changes.

Whatever your home’s heating needs, call the experts of Ideal Temp Heating & Cooling today. We have been providing excellent quality care to home and business owners throughout the Kansas City and nearby area and can do the same for you. Contact one of our heating installation and replacement experts today and learn what we can do for you.